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VIDEO LINK - LIANSU Pipe Extrusion Line LSP-450. Production Pipe Line (Tested at 1300 lb/hr) 2013, Very low hours Tools for ISO and ASTM standards for IPS 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 Inch in Dr 17 and 11. And DR 9 and 7 up to 8”inch.  -Liansu Single screw Extruder LSS-100-34 -Motan Gravimetric Blender (2019) -Liansu Die Head and Calibrators. LSPE-450-PE.  Tools: 4 inch up 16 inch -Liansu Co-extruder for 6 Color Strip LSS-30-25.  -Liansu Vacuum Tank LSPZ-450-9M (Two Chambers) -Liansu 3 Spray Tank LSPL-450-6M -Gnata Filippo Printer  140/CCRC/FV-2/2016 -Liansu Haul Off LSPQ-6A-450 -Liansu Cutting Unit LSWQ-450 -Rolling and bump table -Bundle Cart & Lifting Bundle Spreader Beam for small diameter pipe Battenfeld Pipe Extrusion Line. (Tested at 880 lb/hr), 2007 Tools for work ISO Standard for IPS 1 ¼”, 2”, 3”, and 4” in Dr 17 to 7. Possible to adjust for 1 and 1 ½ inch pipe.  -Battenfeld Extruder BEX 1-75-30 B -Motan Volumetric Blender 2010 -Die Head and Calibrators PO 125 VSI -Stork Co-extruder for 4 color strip   E20.1 KSY 1-25D -Battenfeld  1st Vacum Tank V125 VA 6 M -Battenfeld  Vacuum Tank V125 VA 6 M -Battenfeld  4 Spray Tank  CB 125 VA 6M -Gnata Filippo Printer  MAC140/CCRC/2FT/F2 2018 -Battenfeld Haul Off Unit  R125/4E/16 to 250 -Battenfeld Cutting Unit RTA 125 P  -Calini Tandem Double Winder BTC-2L-3700 F -Strapping Rolls Bundle Stand Device Additional Plant Machinery & Equipment -Winder Machine for Steel reels conduit production,  2016  -Vecoplan VAZ 1300-M-XL Shredder, (360 Hours)100 hp, 2019                  -Air Cooler Chiller CARRIER 90 Ton. R410A -Ritmo Pipe Welding Equipment, 2018,  315 VI.  (3 to 10”) -Bag Break & Silo, 2019  -Hyundai Model 35L-7A Fork Lift, 2019    -Leica DM 750 4X, 10X, 40X -Melt Flow Indexer: Sciteq XNR-400B Touch Screen -Precision Balance: Kern PLJ -Density Apparatus Charly 4U, templates for ASTM D638 I, II, III.      Dell computer and software -Universal Testing Machine: Salt Model SCT-1002, tensile strength, elongation, maximum load. -Plastic Pipe Burst Test apparatus: Sciteq X-ACT pressure testing equipment Sciteq, Test fixtures for 1 ¼”, 2”, 3”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”.