About Us

APM Liquidations was developed by Arlington Machinery to assist companies with quick liquidations. The APM Liquidations is a great platform for us to let ur customers know of equipment that is available, and is still at the customer's facility.  Liquidations can be individual machines, groups of machines or entire facility; Arlington can help with them all. 


We sell all types of plastics machinery ranging from extrusion lines, shredders, and injection molders to support, metal working and fabrication equipment. We offer appraisal services specializing in the plastics industry. No one knows the value of plastics equipment like we do. We have a certified equipment appraiser on staff who can produce USPAP, AMEA, ASA IVS and IFRS-compliant reports. Appraisals reports can be for individual pieces of equipment or complete plants and can be either inspected or unsuspected. Reasons customers ask Arlington for an appraisal include asset-based lending, insurance value, tax and deprecation reports, mergers or downsizing. We complete our own appraisal reports as well as lend our expertise to many major machinery and equipment appraisal firms.